Add replies to job notes

Adding replies to job notes enables users to record their progress with a task or to communicate important information to colleagues. Replies on job notes can be edited or deleted after saving.

To add a reply to a job note:

  1. Locate the note you would like to leave a reply on in the Active Notes tab. Select the reply / chat icon.

    Job note comment icon

  2. The Conversation screen opens. Add your text to the Replies section, and select Update to post your reply.

  3. A record of your reply is saved. You can delete the note by selecting the delete icon, or modify the content of your reply by selecting the text field of your original reply.

    Job note comment

  4. Select Update to save your edited reply.

  5. Select Complete to complete the job note, or Close to close the job note. Your comment is saved.

  6. The reply icon turns green to indicate that the note has replies attached to it.

    Green comment icon